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After serving 30 years in a fast paced automotive manufacturing environment, there were very few slivers of time to analyze my financial investments. “Do-It-Yourself” (DIY) online trading was exciting but it also taught the importance of timing.

Applying “high tech” devices improves product quality in automated manufacturing systems because it drives down costs and increases efficiencies; and yet DIY automated trading did not help my financial investments.

Today, I have discovered how First American National Investment Advisors system improves retirement income and quality of life. After too many “DIY” missed opportunities, it was time to overcome the harsh losses from the 2008 stock market and learn how the FAN Advisors system allowed me time to restore cars instead manufacturer them.

Mitch Coker
Regional Director
Investment Advisor Representative

Mitch is an Investment Advisor Representative and Regional Director with First American National Investment Advisors, LLC an SEC Registered Investment Advisor.


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dale mitchDale Mowry, MBA

Dale currently employs his time with clients searching for technical solutions to their marketing concepts. During his career he facilitated hundreds of CEO’s from small to medium sized companies resolve both their financial, technical, and marketing challenges. Since the information age enables large amounts of data to become accessible to large numbers of people, there are plenty of opportunities for that information to be misunderstood. Financial services is an area which plagues most CEOs and their employees. Dale has teamed up with industry experts to help communicate solutions which work better than how most perceive retirement income could be achieved.

Dale graduated with an MBA from the Hayworth School of Business at Western Michigan University and bachelor of science degree from the University of Michigan. Career fields include research and development for General Motors and other engineering support services for domestic and international clients. Dale served in the US Army stationed in South Korea.

Dale and his wife, Deb, enjoyed raising their six children through school, college, church-life, and into their careers. Dale serves as a school board vice-president and served as VP of Deacons at his local church. He participated in a nationwide bicycle journey across the United States raising money for poverty related causes.

Dale enjoys playing golf, tennis, racquet ball, swimming, and bicycling long distances.

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